lawnSuccess or failure of a home lawn is closely tied into how well the soil and site was prepared prior to lawn establishment.

We have all the equipment and knowledge to perfectly prepare your site, from the first total kill spray and vegetation removal to supply and spreading of topsoil , tilling and levelling.

We can also amend poor soils at this stage by adding organic matter.

No matter if your site is a new build or an existing lawn requiring renovation , we have the expertise to do it all.

irrigationWe offer completely customised systems to suit any budget.

We only supply and install the highest quality products which are well proven in New Zealand and are very water efficient Our systems are well hidden and can be installed in a new lawn or existing lawn with minimal disruption .

By installing an irrigation system, you can expect a beautiful, lush and healthy lawn throughout summer and winter, adding value to your property and making your life a lot easier.

s2sOur programs include

Fertiliser: All Lawns require regular feeding to promote thick, lush growth , our custom blend, season specific fertiliser does wonders to all grass types.

Weed Control: Keep unsightly broadleaf and prickle weeds away with our certified weed spray treatments.

Most sprays should only be applied by a licensed applicator and at label rates. We carry all certification and health and safety qualifications for safe chemical application and storage .

Insecticides: Control Grass Grub , Porina and Black Beetle with our Pest treatment.

These insects attack your lawns roots and leaves and can severely damage a lawn in a very short period of time .


We provide methods for  the  prevention or controlling of  water and wind damage on construction sites , banks and batters ,road verges or areas requiring re-vegetation for resource consent

Our goal is to exceed the expectations of every client by offering outstanding customer service and greater value.